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lost phone - Zill - 07-29-2018

hey i had my phone in my pocket then it disappeared help

RE: lost phone - The Genghis Khan - 07-30-2018

check ur pocket

RE: lost phone - Zill - 07-30-2018

ok so i woke up went to my moms room and it was sitting on her desk but like i checked her desk so many times yesterday so now i am convinced a ghost has been hiding my phone because last time my phone went missing i found it under my brothers bed which then my little brother said he never hid it under the bed which i didn't believe him i still dont believe him but now i am also believing theres a ghost out there thats obsessed with hiding my phone because i remember when i was little i was being sad in my room cuz my brother kicked me out his room when he was playing a game and i remember sitting there all sad and shit and then i heard a knock knock knock i opened the door and i saw a phone on the floor a phone i dont think ive ever seen before i opened up the phone and it had tons of youtube apps i asked my brother about it and to this day he says he had nothing to do with it and doesn't even believe it really happened. i also remember one day i was shittin and the toiler paper roll started unrollin by itself and wouldn't stop for like 5 seconds. so that is why i am convinced there is a ghost in my house

RE: lost phone - Rocket - 07-30-2018

isn't this your 2nd time losing your phone and making a thread about it

RE: lost phone - Zill - 07-30-2018

(07-30-2018, 08:18 PM)Rocket Wrote: isn't this your 2nd time losing your phone and making a thread about it


RE: lost phone - Monoblaster4 - 07-31-2018

(07-30-2018, 11:00 PM)Zill Wrote: yes
Why are you asking us?? It's not like we helped you last time.

Anyways I suggest holding your brother ransom until he gives the phone back.