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post Mike Pence jokes here because "hahaha this guy hates fucking gays" and my name is I'm_Gay.avi
Mike "Gay affair, electric chair" Pence
Mike "You like men,turn the dial to 10" Pence
Mike "If dick you desire, fear my electric wire" Pence
Mike "LGBBQ" Pence

get em off the internet or make them up
funniest will get 1000 dollars in game
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Mike "Take a cock, have a shock" Pence

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Mike "Get flirty, pump the amps up to 0.030" Pence
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Mike "Take it in the crapper, take the zapper" Pence
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hello. if you happened to come back to this dead forum to re-read my forum games, i.e. The Vigilante, Infinity Tower, Criminal Business (for nostalgia?), you are out of luck. I saved each game to my computer in PDF form. Needless to say, these forum games are probably deleted. However, if you pm me on Discord (Oh shit, he#4107), I might be able to give them to you.

1. too much references to stuff close IRL friends or family will understand.
2. shit writing
3. a few things in CB prob put me on a list

So yeah.

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Mike "Gay Arog Brog Crog Drog Erog Frog Grog Hrog Irog Jrog Krog" Pence
boi u dun goofed
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