Jailbreak Rules and Terms
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General Rules | Round Rules | Prisoner Rules | Guard Rules | Warden Rules | Staff Rules | Terms

(Latest updates -- 3/24/19: Added P1c | 10/15/17: Added 9, 11b | 9/16/17: Added P6c, W3b | 9/2/17: Added staff rules section | 8/7/17: Edited R6a, P2a, G11; Changed G10a to G12)
General Rules 
1. Do not spam anything that can be spammed (chat, events, etc.).

2. Do not ask for a server rank, this includes VIP. If you are interested in joining our staff team you can apply here.

3. Do not advertise other servers.

4. Do not scam others.

5. Do not avoid any kind of staff punishment.

6. If a staff member asks you to stop doing something, stop.

7. Do not use exploits of any kind.
    7a. Any loophole you find in the rules is automatically invalid. You will be banned if you try to abuse any.

8. Don't be a dick.

9. Do not send porn.

Round Rules
R1. Do not intentionally delay the round.

R2. Do not use your in-game money to influence the round in any way.
    R2a. This doesn't include the Warden offering monetary rewards for winning games.

R3. Teamkilling is not allowed unless it is part of a Warden's game or the first round.
    R3a. Guards may not suicide or make themselves die on purpose. The only exception to this is if you absolutely have to leave for the round or if participating in a last request.
    R3b. The Warden may not order Guards to die or kill Guards on purpose.

R4. Giving information to others that they wouldn't know because you are dead is not allowed.

R5. If the Warden dies, it's a freeday.

R6. Doing anything that provides an unfair advantage during a last request is forbidden.
    R6a. Examples: Leaving the area and staking an ambush, picking up items that aren't involved in the LR.

Prisoner Rules
P1. A Prisoner can be killed if they do things that are considered auto-rebel (AR). These things include:
    P1a. Killing a Guard or the Warden, unless part of a last request.
    P1b. Entering a restricted area (vents, areas marked by red lines, the armory) or attempting to leave the prison.
    P1c. Leaving cells before 9:00 unless ordered to do so by the Warden or it is a freeday.
    P1d. Disobeying, detouring from, or excessively delaying doing a Warden order. Prisoners may safely refuse invalid orders without being considered a rebel.
    P1e. Losing a game or last request.
    P1f. Doing something declared by the Warden to be auto-rebel.
    P1g. Having items other than fists in their inventory, unless it is part of a Warden's game or a last request. A kindly Guard may allow you the chance to drop your items, with no consequence to you or him.
    P1h. Cheating or running away during a last request.

P2. Prisoners may not be killed for following implied, nonverbal orders given by the Warden.
    P2a. Example: If the Warden says "we are going to the pit, follow me", walks to the pit, and places a point inside the pit, Prisoners may safely stack on the point rather than continuing to follow the Warden.

P3. Prisoners must always follow orders given to "Prisoners" even if the Warden chooses to call them something else.

P4. Prisoners may refuse to participate in opinionated games. Opinionated games are defined in the terms below.

P5. The final Prisoner is exempt from the Warden's auto-rebels and may safely /LR if not actively rebelling.
   P5a. This rule also applies to any Prisoner that is the last non-rebel.

P6. A Prisoner’s custom last request can only be played if the majority of the Guard team does not disapprove of it.
    P6a. Custom last requests only last until the end of the round.
    P6b. Custom last requests must be explained before being played.
    P6c. Guards cannot change their decision to play a Custom /LR unless the rules of the /LR were changed.

Guard Rules
G1. Do not freekill. This is killing a Prisoner who has not disobeyed any orders or has not lost a game.
    G1a. Do not freak out when you get freekilled. Ask your killer why, and use /a [message] to message a currently online staff member.
    G1b. Guards may not "guesskill", that is, kill Prisoners because they think the Prisoner may have done something considered AR.

G2. Guards may not open or close the cell doors without the Warden's permission. Cell doors open automatically at 9:00.

G3. Guards cannot camp inside the armory past 9:00 unless doing so is necessary to stop a rebellion. However, guarding entrances to the armory is encouraged.

G4. Guards may not intentionally assist a Prisoner in rebellion by dropping their weapons.

G5. Guards must obey the Warden at all times unless doing so may result in their death.
    G5a. Do not play games without the Warden's permission (e.g. Russian Roulette).

G6. Guards may not shoot into stacks, as it can accidentally kill innocent Prisoners.

G7. Guards may not try to trick Prisoners into getting killed unless ordered to do so by the Warden.
    G7a. Example: Saying “lr jump” during freeze.

G8. Guards and the Warden may not interfere in a last request they are not part of unless the Prisoner is a rebel, then they may kill him.
    G8a. Accidentally killing Guards that are in the way of a deathmatch will not result in being considered a rebel.
    G8b. Guards who are not participating in the /LR should move out of the way.

G9. The last Guard is allowed to kill all the Prisoners until there is one remaining.
    G9a. This does not apply to the Warden unless it is a freeday.

G10. Guards may not item plant.
G11. Guards should attempt to prevent Prisoners from escaping whenever possible.
  G11a. This does not apply during the first round.

G12. Guards may not stack nor go near Prisoners in a way that would warrant a possible riot.

Warden Rules
W1. Not giving any valid commands to the Prisoners before the cell doors open (9:00 at the latest) will result in a freeday.

W2. The Warden may not trap the Prisoners in their cells for the majority of the round and should let them out of their cells by 8:00.

W3. The Warden may not trick Prisoners by giving orders that could have several meanings.
    W3a. Commands such as "jump" or "crouch" mean to do so continuously unless specified otherwise.
    W3b. Misspellings cannot be used to trick Prisoners. (e.g. "Simeon says jump")

W4. Games played by the Warden must be clearly defined before being played, unless they are already defined in the terms.
     W4a. The Warden must provide a warning at least 5 seconds before starting a game. (See W9c)

W5. Do not intentionally give freedays or days that are guaranteed to lead to mass rebellion.
    W5a. The only time this is allowed is if it is the first round.

W6. Opposite days and any variation of it are forbidden.

W7. Favoritism is not allowed. This is giving a Prisoner more or less of a chance to win for no reason.
    W7a. Using /rollname is a viable alternative to choosing players.
    W7b. If all Prisoners break an auto-rebel the Warden may roll for one Prisoner to survive and do their /LR.

W8. The Warden may not force or prevent Prisoners from:
  • Chatting (cannot force chat outside of games)
  • Wearing certain items from the shop on their player.

W9. The Warden must give Prisoners a chance to follow their orders.
    W9a. For example, the Warden cannot set an invalid time to do a command, such as "x by 9:45" at 9:49, or "x by 9:45" at 9:43.
    W9b. Changing game elements in a way that kills Prisoners with no opportunity for reaction is not allowed.
    W9c. Wardens should give Prisoners at least 5 seconds to begin following their orders or to prepare for a game.

W10. The Warden must make his games fair for the Prisoners.
    W10a. Skill-based games cannot intentionally kill more than half of the living Prisoners unless they start after 5:00.
    W10b. Luck-based games cannot kill more than 1/4 of the living Prisoner team.
    W10c. Games that involve choice must have clear and obvious outcomes, unless the outcome is predetermined in team chat.
    W10d. Speed-based games that involve keybindable commands are fair (e.g. lr sit).
    W10e. Death may not be a reward for any game.
    W10f. Prisoners may not be expected to talk without breaking an existing auto-rebel.

W11. The Warden must assume that everybody has the default control scheme.
    W11a. Example: Warden cannot restrict standing up then tell the Prisoners to sit, as those who do not have the key binded cannot do so without standing up.
    W11b. If you are making Prisoners chat (example: FR/LR), all characters must be on the English language keyboard (example of invalid characters: ™, €, ©).

W12. The Warden must turn off collision if some Prisoners cannot obey his order or survive his game due to collision.

W13. The Warden is automatically the designated shooter in every game, unless they specify otherwise.

W14. The Warden may not restrict Guards from using certain weapons outside of games.

W15. The Warden may not confuse prisoners with a command followed by an auto-rebel that represents the command.
    W15a. The auto-rebel will become invalid, but the command that preceded the auto-rebel will stay valid.
    W15b. Example: "Go to pool" then saying "Pool is auto-rebel (AR)" is invalid and prisoners will still have to go to the pool.

Staff Rules
S1. Be respectful of other players and staff.

S2. Staff must follow directives given by higher ranking staff members.
    S2a. If two higher ranking staff members provide conflicting directives, follow the directive issued by the member of highest rank.

S3. Do not use staff powers to show off or intimidate players.
    S3a. Examples: Banning someone as a joke, slaying & reviving players for no reason, guard-banning players because they killed you, excessively warning players.

S4. Do not revive Prisoners:
  • If they committed suicide.
  • If it has been a long time since their death. (e.g. more than 4 minutes)
  • If at least one /LR game has already concluded.
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(Latest updates -- 11/2/17: Added Skill-based games & updated luck-based | 10/24/17: Death cannot be a reward in Give or Take)
These terms do not need to be explained by the Warden.

Do not move, crouch, or jump. You may look around, punch, type, emote, etc.

AFK Freeze
You cannot move at all. All you are allowed to do is type. "Do not move" and all variations thereof are considered commands to AFK Freeze. Stationary animations such as typing and "moonwalking" do not break AFK Freeze. Changing your hat/cape/trail breaks AFK freeze.

Free Roam
Do anything you like, including stand still.

Stand in a single spot with your teammates.

Stand ontop of a teammate's head.

Spazz Out
Look around wildly by shaking your mouse.

Lay Down
Crouch or sit and lean back.

Do not crouch or sit (walking and running count as standing).

Auto-Rebel (AR)
Doing things considered Auto-Rebel (see rule P1) can get you killed. ARs that conflict with previous ARs are considered invalid. Any ARs may be voided by the Warden.

Kill-On-Sight (KOS)
Things that the Warden declares KOS will result in death unless overridden by a following order. For example, if the Warden says "going on the line is KOS" and later says "come to the line", Prisoners may go to the line without being killed.

Last Request (/LR)
The final Prisoner can type /LR to choose a last request event with one of the Guards.

A day in which the Prisoners do not have to follow the Warden's orders and ARs. The Warden may only declare a freeday on the first round.

A freeday where the Guards abandon the armory to allow the Prisoners to get weapons. Alternatively, the Warden can order the Prisoners to a specific location so that anyone the Guards find is KOS.

Invalid Orders
Orders the Prisoners do not have to follow. These include rule-breaking orders (saying "Do x by 9:40" at 9:43), impossible orders ("Stop existing"), nonsense orders ("Last erection jim"), and death orders ("Jump into the fire").

Designated Shooter
The Warden may assign a designated shooter, who becomes a person allowed to decide who should die in a Warden's game. Shooting while you are not the designated shooter can potentially get you guardbanned.

Skill-based Games
Games that depend (at least somewhat) on player skill.

Luck-based Games
Games in which the outcome is purely dependent upon random chance. Only 1/4 of the living Prisoner team may be killed by each luck-based game played.

Opinionated Games
Games that depend on anyone's personal opinion or trivia where the answer is not common knowledge. The game must first be explained and the Prisoners must be given an Opt Out. If a majority of the Prisoners refuse to play the opinionated game, it cannot be played and the refusing Prisoners cannot be death rolled.

Opt Out
A point provided by the Warden for Prisoners to choose not to play an opinionated game. Prisoners on the Opt Out point are "deathrolled" by the Warden or given some other challenge, as long as this challenge is fair. Successfully surviving the death roll or challenge allows Prisoners to sit out of the opinionated game. Any auto-rebels preventing Prisoners from going to the Opt Out point are void for Prisoners that wish to opt out.

Death Roll
Each or all Prisoners are given one or more numbers. If /roll lands on your number (usually out of 6), you die. Deathrolls can only be used on people who are opting out of an opinionated game or as a means for Prisoners to select someone to die as part of the Warden's game.

First Reaction (FR) / Last Reaction (LR)
In a game of FR/LR, the Warden says either "fr" or "lr" followed by a command. The first/last person to do the following command is killed. The Warden is automatically the Designated Shooter of FR/LR unless they designate somebody else. You may not play FR/LR with more than 10 Prisoners.

Rock Paper Scissors (RPS)
The Prisoners must say either "rock", "paper", or "scissors" at the specified time. Traditional rules apply.

Simon Says
You must do all commands prefixed with "Simon says" (including ARs). Following a command not prefixed with "Simon says" will result in death. There can only be one Simon, do not chain Simon Says games. This game must be started with "We are now playing Simon Says" and ended with "We are no longer playing Simon Says". Variations of these phrases are allowed but they should always be clear. When Simon Says ends you may stop doing whatever Simon commanded. Unless said otherwise, the Warden is always Simon.

Duck Hunt
Prisoners jump off the diving board and a Guard attempts to snipe them out of mid-air. Prisoners must jump into the pool unless specified otherwise.

Sharks and Minnows
A couple Guards go in the pool with all the Prisoners and for a set amount of time try to kill the Prisoners using their batons.

Give or Take
The Warden specifies an item (e.g. a bullet, a hug, life) in team chat. A Prisoner is then randomly rolled and must choose to either "give" or "take". If choosing "take", the rolled Prisoner receives the item. If choosing "give", the Prisoner chosen to give to receives the item instead. This game must be played with at least four players. Death may not be used as a reward.

The first person to correctly answer the Warden's question in the chat wins something determined by the Warden.

Hide and Seek
The Prisoners are given time to hide before the Guards begin searching for them. Any Prisoners that are found are killed. The Warden must order Guards to guard all entrances to the armory or risk violating Rule W5. A minimum of 3 Guards is required to play Hide and Seek.

Red Light / Green Light
The Warden designates a start point and an end point. When the Warden says "green light", the Prisoners move towards the end point. When the Warden says "red light", the Prisoners must stop moving or they die. The last Prisoner to reach the end point loses.
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