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The following is a guide I've made for wardens. This is mainly for players that haven't yet been warden or are struggling at being successful as the warden. Let me know if you have suggestions! (original post)

Warden Guide
Commands available to the Warden:
Plant brick             places a point                                    
Undo brick             removes the last placed point        
/spc                        toggles player collision on or off    
/roll (number)        rolls a die with (number) sides        
/rollname               rolls a random Prisoner                    
/rollguard               rolls a random Guard                        
/love                       opens or closes the cell doors        
/split                       splits the Prisoner team                   
/startvote (poll)    creates a poll for living Prisoners    
/idea                       shows a random game idea to play
/ball (type)             spawns a ball on the Warden           
/clearballs               clears all unheld balls                         
Don't forget to use the light key to confiscate weapons!

How to become the Warden:
To become the warden, first join the guard team (/jointeam guards)
  ->You will need at least 12 hours of play time to join guards
           ->You can check how much playtime you have with /timeplayed
As a guard, you may then type /warden to join the warden queue    
  ->Type /wardenlist to view the upcoming wardens               

Tips for being a good Warden:
-Know the rules pertaining to wardens, not following them will result in a warden ban                             
-Make it fun, consider what you would like to see a warden do if you were a prisoner                                
-Direct your guards, don't let them slack off and allow riots to happen (e.g. getting knifed)                       
     ->Report non-obedient guards to staff and they will be guardbanned                                        
-If you're running out of ideas consider checking /idea more often or taking a break from being warden
-Be creative, don't just rehash the same boring games (e.g. duck hunt, fr/lr, sharks and minnows)            
-Plan out your warden round before it's your turn to prevent searching for ideas during the round          
-Group prisoners by having them line up / get on points and make sure none are missing                         

Things to avoid:
-Being a boring warden (e.g. starting out with fr/lr, tricking prisoners into leaving cells when it's AR)               
-Excessive killing of prisoners, the goal is to have fun with the prisoners not to quickly kill them all off           
-Setting up too many ARs, this can cause the round to be confusing and centered around remembering ARs
-Not being specific about your orders, this can allow prisoners to do things you didn't intend to permit         
     ->Do not break up commands into multiple messages or say "jk" afterwards as this can lead to confusion
-Running out of time, keep your eye on the clock and don't try games that you don't have time to play        
     ->If you still have a lot of prisoners with only a minute left you do not need to rush to kill them off         
-Taking too long to give orders. Prisoners like to riot and if no commands are made before 9 it is a freeday   
-Ignoring staff, if staff asks why you did something you should prioritize replying even if you're the warden  

Round 1:
There has been much confusion about what is and isn't allowed on the first round, so I'll try to clear things up.
To know what the current round is you may type /maplist (which also shows the current and available maps)
For those unaware, the first round plays by different rules as specified by Rule W5a which states:
Quote:W5. Do not intentionally give freedays or days that are guaranteed to lead to mass rebellion.
  W5a. The only time this is allowed is if it is the first round.
While this should be clear enough, below are more specifics about what this implies.

-Declaring a freeday                                                       
-Ordering guards to abandon the armory                   
-Making all prisoners KOS for that round                    
-Opposite days                                                               
-Forcing guards to play games involving their death

Note: A warday is usually a freeday where guards don't protect the armory. Declaring "warday" alone means nothing.
View the warday terms listing for more information about wardays.
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