Common Game and Rule Misconceptions Explained (Updated 06/16/17)
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Having administrated for a while I have noticed that some people have different interpretations of some of the jailbreak game play elements so I thought I would help clarify some of them so you have the information you need before making a report. I'll be modifying this over time as I cannot remember them all at once but as I notice/recall them they will be added to the list. If anyone has any to add or notices any mistakes please let me know so I can correct them.

Wardays are not always necessarily freedays

This is a big one though very understandable. Originally warday was not an official game so by default it was an extension of freeday. Now that it has been added to the terms it has changed

Quote:A freeday where the Guards abandon the armory to allow the Prisoners to get weapons. Alternatively, the Warden can order the Prisoners to a specific location so that anyone the Guards find is KOS

If you create a command that is invalid due to it violating an AR, voiding said AR does not automatically make that command valid
This one happens a lot. If you make a command, for example "Go to the line at 9" but the floor is AR until 8.30. Simply voiding the AR does not automatically make the command valid. You need to reissue the command.

The warden can ask you to say something, he/she can however not give you an order to not speak.
Another common one. Commands such as "LR say Hello" are valid, however the warden cannot order you to say nothing

Quote:Warden cannot order Prisoners to not chat.

Opening the cells then telling the prisoners to line up will result in a freeday
It doesn't matter if it's half a second. Commands must be given before the cell doors open.

If it's not in the terms, either define it or don't use it.
Things like saying 's2s' or 'sts' for shoulder to shoulder or 'safety shuffle' are not defined in terms. Please don't use them unless you are willing to define them.

Items in Warden Games
If an item is part of a warden game e.g. players fight to death with batons then the item is legal for that game. The warden does not need to declare it legal and also cannot use this as a trick to kill prisoners.

Freeze and AFK Freeze are NOT the same command
They are two completely separate terms listed in the rules but the amount of times we've had to revive players because guards didn't know the difference is insane. Therefore I have decided to quote the difference here for reference since its such a common mistake.

Do not move, crouch, or jump. You may look around, punch, type, emote, etc.

AFK Freeze
You cannot move at all. All you are allowed to do is type. "Do not move" and all variations thereof are considered commands to AFK Freeze. Stationary animations such as typing and "moonwalking" do not break AFK Freeze.

Delaying and detouring AR is always implied
The warden does not need to specify it.

If for whatever reason a freeday is declared, the warden no longer has the right to make the prisoners do anything
This includes using the warden abilities such as splitting the teams to make prisoners fight on the first round and any other influence he may have on the game. At this point the warden just acts as another guard to prevent rebellions

As warden, if you're making something AR, please be clear on what exactly you mean
One example of this occurred when a warden said 'railing AR' which he meant as standing on the railing was AR. Several of the guards interpreted this as touching the railing is AR (which is what the staff would support) so in order to avoid this confusion please be perfectly clear on what rule you're trying to make.

If you're making a report about being unfairly killed, do it straight away
This should go without saying but we are still getting reports from people asking to be revived. Making reports minutes later will likely result in your report being dismissed

Vague and angry reports
Reports need to be clear and calm. We get many reports that are vague e.g. "wtf was that" , "rev please". We don't see everything from your perspective as we have a whole server to moderate as well as play it ourselves. Reports need to clearly explain the issue you are having so we can quickly investigate and keep up with the number of reports. Also swearing and demanding in reports (more common than you would think) is not going to get you anywhere.
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Quote:Things like saying 's2s' or 'sts' for shoulder to shoulder or 'safety shuffle' are not defined in terms.

May as well be.
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(01-22-2017, 04:10 PM)The Hoff Wrote:
Quote:Things like saying 's2s' or 'sts' for shoulder to shoulder or 'safety shuffle' are not defined in terms.

May as well be.

They will never be in the terms.
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Added section about using items in warden games in regards to rule 1F.
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I like how the terms were changed with the whole freeday thing. Nice!
-Patrick Star
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Updated for the fist time in a while. Will probably make some more updates throughout the week as new rules and changes can cause new misconceptions.

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