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Started by Ranma

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Brick  01-22-2017, 03:14 PM -
Since everyone else gets to have their own special thread for their map, I'm gonna go ahead and make one as well.

THE BORDER (also holy fuck resizing images is weird here)
Frontal Shot of the Wall
[Image: brKo0hs.jpg]
Prisoner Cell Area (New picture with better lighting)
[Image: rCzpK0Q.jpg]
The Gallows (New, will come with two games, lynching [think of 4 corners but with 3 ropes instead], and hangman, where prisoners try to spell a word. Too many errors and all 3 get the rope!)
[Image: JcJtOnK.jpg]
Grave Yard (New, shed will probably have a machete in it)
[Image: 9iqj8qP.jpg]
The Pit (New, currently has two functioning games: Simon Says and traditional falling tiles. Simon Says functions pretty much the same as in the moon pit, but falling tiles is a new gamemode which is sort of the opposite of Simon Says [but without direction commands]. In Falling Tiles, you avoid the tiles that are chosen because they'll fall.) One other planned feature for the pit to differentiate itself from other pits will be color randomization. This means that every time the pit is used, the tiles will change colors. Memory just got much harder Smile.
[Image: 2PiVVc8.jpg]
[Image: 9HKXPEY.jpg]
[Image: kMmp9po.jpg]

(Guard Quarters images removed due to image limit)

As of posting this thread as of the latest edit, the main structure of the Wall is pretty much complete. Most of the wall has an accessible interior, with 3 entire accessible "floors." The map has a cell area and one game area (the gallows), and work is almost done on this map's version of THE PIT. As I go further with the map I will post moar screenshots (as well as remove older ones), and update the details here.
I will NOT be taking any suggestions that are not:
A. Game ideas
B. Ways to reduce brick count (later on in map development of course)
C. Broken or missing requirements

Here's to a happy 8 years, and remember, you have to go back.

Notice: If you want to take a look at the build yourself for whatever reason, I now (or have been recently) host a server every so often where I'm just building this very map. I don't feel like setting up a dedicated server for this so this won't be something up 24/7, just whenever I feel like working on this. Anyone can join but refrain from building unless if I specifically say you can and try to not be stupid and you won't get banned (or worse).
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01-22-2017, 03:26 PM -
"If Donald Trump plays Blockland"
Even if Redconer doesn't say so, I'm his one and only Redboner. ;^)
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01-22-2017, 03:31 PM -
You should have a game where players have to dodge rockets that descend from the walls.
The Hoff

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01-22-2017, 04:02 PM -
Allow for prisoners to escape the wall
BL_ID: 42057

hello. if you happened to come back to this dead forum to re-read my forum games, i.e. The Vigilante, Infinity Tower, Criminal Business (for nostalgia?), you are out of luck. I saved each game to my computer in PDF form. Needless to say, these forum games are probably deleted. However, if you pm me on Discord (Oh shit, he#4107), I might be able to give them to you.

1. too much references to stuff close IRL friends or family will understand.
2. shit writing
3. a few things in CB prob put me on a list

So yeah.
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01-22-2017, 04:34 PM -
(01-22-2017, 03:31 PM)Redconer Wrote: You should have a game where players have to dodge rockets that descend from the walls.

i could probably do that pretty easily, hell i even already have a perfect spot to put that if i feel like it
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01-22-2017, 10:23 PM -
Now put a giant titan on the other side of the wall

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01-22-2017, 10:53 PM -
can you make a game including something like this
To the town of Agua Fria rode a sherif one fine day
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01-23-2017, 03:40 PM -
(01-22-2017, 10:23 PM)Ostinyo Wrote: Now put a giant titan on the other side of the wall

(01-22-2017, 10:23 PM)Mad Hops Disease Wrote: can you make a game including something like this

-link stomped out by EVA-TRUMP-
Could probably combine these ideas and make something like the crusher on moon but I have no idea how to replicate that, nor do I think I'm a competent enough builder to make a giant Donald Trump (and I choose not to support aot weebs) so unless if someone has those things on hand already, it's unlikely.
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01-23-2017, 09:14 PM -
as of today the guard's quarters (armory and two rooms attached to armory) are complete and work has begun on a nearby prisoner cell building, and looks like most people prefer the new prints so i'll change the poll to something else pretty soon. will update op with pictures some time tomorrow if i have time.
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01-24-2017, 08:51 PM -
that meme when you triple post in your own thread
anywho new stuff in op, new prisoner cell area may or may not be changed later on (maybe bigger cells?) but there's 20 so it works for now. guard area is final except for obviously the spots marked with things like "guard spawns here" and "weapons here." from here it's on to working on games and maybe throwing a pool in somewhere, after which i'll make everything look prettier if need be and add some decorations. I was thinking of adding some gallows where prisoners could hang themselves to kill themselves in style or maybe wardens could order them to be hanged if they lose a game or fail to riot.
edit: how the hell do i edit the poll?
edit 2: new idea for gallows, maybe make it a russian roulette esque game where 4 prisoners line up on a rope, warden presses a button, and a random prisoner gets hanged. yay or nay?
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