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Photo  12-15-2017, 01:31 PM -
[Image: V1Pix5s.jpg]
Footage of the Moon Station (c. 2087)

[Image: BpJLEjq.jpg]
Morning at the Moon Station (c. 2089)

[Image: 7idqL1W.jpg]
Sealander attack plane about to strike the nearby Cargo ship and the Moon Station, which would spark the Sealand-World war (c. 2100)

[Image: ElrCsWP.jpg]
The remnants of planet Earth after Sealander Victory (c. 2102)

[Image: JqtdSiS.jpg]
Two scavenger scientists staring at the dead terrain of Planet Earth (c. 3796)

[Image: IesxVHI.jpg]
Artist's depiction of the final moment when two scavenger scientists saw Earth's end, based on witness accounts (p. 4765)

[Image: 40IIsZy.jpg]
The aftermath of a Sealander ambush on one of the last Colonization fleets (c. 5473

[Image: iap0k38.png]
The aftermath of the Final War and the subsequent breakup of the Sealand Empire (c 7895)
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12-15-2017, 02:06 PM -
sucks that school has blocked these photos
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