What's for dinner (opinionated)
Tell a joke (opinionated)
Higher or Lower with /roll
Tic Tac Toe
Catch: The warden throws a weapon scanner in the air, whoever catches it wins. (Be sure to say that weapon checkers are allowed for this game!)
Balls or no balls: Prisoners stack in a corner and the warden shoots above them. Prisoners have to get the lowest amount of HP by jumping. Lowest HP wins.
Sharks and minnows in a pool. Guards with knives.
Simon Says
Say 'scanners are allowed for this game', then hide your scanner while the prisoners look away. First one to find it wins.
A map related game.
Give or take. Warden types a prize in teamchat. A prisoner may choose to take the prize or give it to another prisoner.
What's growing on your tree? (Opinionated)
Weapon checker toss. A prisoner must toss a weapon checker as far as they can. Remember to allow weapon checkers for this game.
Red light, green light. Prisoners must reach a goal. However, they cannot move while the Warden is looking at them.
Seduce a player. Warden chooses a guard and each prisoner must attempt to seduce the guard. (Opinionated)
Collision roulette. Prisoners form a circle and a guard must jump on their heads. Warden disables collision and whoever the guard lands on dies.
Salty spitoon (Opinionated)
Pit chicken. All prisoners line up on an edge. Prisoner to get the farthest off the edge without falling wins.
Make A Wish Foundation. Each prisoner must make a wish. The prisoner with the funniest wish does not get cancer and die. (Opinionated)
Madlibs. Warden must type an incomplete message such as 'My mom died from ____' and the prisoner with the funniest answer wins. (Opinionated)
Missile. A guard must stand still in the pool. Prisoners must land on his head or die.
Water basketball. A guard must stand still in the pool. Prisoners must successfully throw a basketball to him or die.
Sound reaction. Warden associates a command with a sound. Prisoners must do this command whenever that sound occurs.
What are you in for? (Opinionated) The Warden asks each prisoner what crime they're in prison for, the best crime wins!
Have the prisoners jump 1 at a time off the diving board and freeze in the pool. Each prisoner must jump at least as far as the last or else they die and the survivors frozen in the pool get cleared to a point on the deck.
Go to the track and split the prisoners into teams on the first lane. Ask trivia questions, the first prisoner to answer correctly gets to move his team forward 1 lane. Win by getting to the third lane.
Have the prisoners line up behind the half court line on the basketball court and shoot one at a time. If a prisoner makes a shot, the person behind them in line dies. If the prisoners miss 5 shots in a row, the 5th dies.
Have the prisoners line up at the diving board and 1 guard get in the pool and freeze. One at a time prisoners shoot a basketball from the diving board at the guard, if it misses they die.
Have the prisoners get into pairs. Each pair gets 1 ball (make them legal) and stands a small distance apart. When you say, each team passes the ball. If they miss the team dies, if they survive move them farther back.
Get the prisoners in a circle shoulder to shoulder. Roll a guard (/rollguard) and have them walk around the outside of the circle. Turn around and tell the guard to stop randomly. Whichever prisoner is beside the guard dies.
Tell prisoners to get underneath something whenever you say "bomb". Any prisoners not under cover within 10 seconds die.
Fruit roulette. Roll prisoners and have them name fruit within 5 seconds. If the prisoner names a non-fruit or repeats a fruit they die.