fuck my thinking emoji doesnt work
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08-27-2017, 03:22 PM -
Wowee you trixter!!!
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08-27-2017, 05:43 PM -
go play criminal business or rioters for your forum game fix

although rioters is more similar to this game than CB.
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hello. if you happened to come back to this dead forum to re-read my forum games, i.e. The Vigilante, Infinity Tower, Criminal Business (for nostalgia?), you are out of luck. I saved each game to my computer in PDF form. Needless to say, these forum games are probably deleted. However, if you pm me on Discord (Oh shit, he#4107), I might be able to give them to you.

1. too much references to stuff close IRL friends or family will understand.
2. shit writing
3. a few things in CB prob put me on a list

So yeah.

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08-27-2017, 06:05 PM -
cb is fun go play that while i come up with more ideas
Я женщина.

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