Infinity Tower (well fuck theres lore now)
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05-08-2018, 09:36 PM -
Floor 30 is a grass field with one singular but floating tree. The tree has a noose on it. Then suddenly a head appears. Then a limb. And another limb. In the horizon are two rows of six black lines on top of each other.

As you run around the floor in a fit of insanity, you run into one of the walls. It breaks, revealing on the other side a classroom full of teenagers playing hangman using a virtual whiteboard, while a virtual pen held by one geeky teenager spits out dots. Looking back into the simulation, you notice flowers showing up out of nowhere and correlate it to the drawings of the geek.

The other teenagers complete one round of hangman: the phrase being "POOPOO PEEPEE". Disgusted at their hysterical laughter, you jump out of the simulation into the classroom, and as you near the floor, a chute opens up. Painful impact. The chute opened up on an elevator, which takes a rather interesting course for Floor 31.
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This one is going to be long because I am bored and have nothing else to do Smile))

The elevator goes left then right, up and down seemingly randomly. Eventually, you step out onto Floor 31 and are met with a locked door. An old-looking piece of paper that read "Key on Floor 12, Cafeteria" was stuck to it. With a sense of adventure inside, you head for Floor 12.

Upon arrival, you down your potion given to you by the receptionist. Bullets bounce off of you and when prisoners step in your way you just flick them aside. Upon reaching the cafeteria you are met with the sight of a plate of chicken nuggets. Famished (and essentially invincible) you decide to eat the chicken nuggets. You bite the last nugget and are met with the sound of your tooth cracking as you bite down on they key. Retrieving the key, you head back up to Floor 31 and enter through the door only to be met with another locked door, this time it has a piece of paper reading "The punctuation of Floor 25". Sighing and bored, you head to Floor 25.

Upon arrival at Floor 25 you see the one thing you saw your first visit, a white room with the simple character ".". Approaching the giant period, you try to find where a key would be hidden. At last you find a button at the center of the period and press down on it. From the ceiling a key falls, smacking you in the head and knocking you out. When you come to you are in the elevator heading to Floor 31 with the key in your pocket. Opening the second door presents you with a sign that says "You're worthy, congrats."

You return to Floor 27 and put both hands on the hilt of the sword again, and this time are able to free it. A song very much alike to the Zelda "You Got An Item" Theme plays and you can make out the faint words "You got a plot device!" The voice speaks again, interrupting whatever tranquility was had, "CONGRATULATIONS, YOU ARE WOR-" "So uh what does this thing do?" you ask, interrupting whoever or whatever the voice belongs to. "IT'S A SWORD IT CUTS THINGS - BUT THIS IS NO NORMAL SWORD THIS SWORD CAN CUT ALMOST ANY MATERIAL!" "So h-" "NO MORE INTERRUPTIONS." the voice grows angry and blasts you back into the elevator, just like from your first visit. However this time you have the sword in hand and you the button for Floor 32 presses itself.
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05-09-2018, 11:09 AM -
The elevator transforms into an industrial lift. As the gates of the lift open up on Floor 32, you find yourself in an industrial warehouse. Both doors of the warehouse are open, showing a parking lot outside. The warehouse is extremely hot.

Then a couple mobsters appear, two of which have briefcases. After a negoitation, the men swap briefcases. Suddenly, gunshots. From one side, four men march in firing assault rifles at the gangsters.

Then you hear a gunshot, then a loud clank behind you. There were snipers, but one of the bullets ricochet off the sword and headshots one of the snipers.

In that very moment, the events unfolding in the floor freeze. All the gangsters and snipers are frozen in place. Then the entire floor changed completely to a hot desert, with a couple cacti.

A line of text floats infront of you.

You have caused a paradox. For this sniper that died because of the sword was an important character apparently.

A dust devil forms and brings you to the elevator to Floor 33.
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You go to floor 33, and you find yourself in a flying bus. You look at the windows, and you see an island below you.
"Heck no" you think.
You immediately run back to elevator and go to floor 34.
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05-09-2018, 12:02 PM -
Floor 34 is a really wrecked brothel, with bodies of numerous men, white-green or black-red, strewn across the floor.
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05-12-2018, 06:20 PM -
You walk into Floor 35 and are immediately hit with one thought and goal: Activity.
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05-13-2018, 03:13 PM -
Floor 36 is a quiet room with numerous students taking some sort of AP Exam. You can spy some of those students being the teenagers from Floors 7 and 30.

At the front of the room is a gigantic portrait of an average-looking South Carolinan man. You can spy one student praying to this portrait. You get a closer look at the exam.

[Image: yA6wjQ7.png]

The teacher spots you and approaches you. You mercilessly slash them with the sword and then toss the sword away into the direction of the praying student. Due to its overpowered properties, it cleanly slices the desk and the exam of the praying student in half. However, he narrowly avoids the sword's trajectory.

Everyone looks at you, and you suddenly have a bad feeling about this. The sword gravitates back to your hand and you sprint for the elevator.
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Floor 37 is full of toads.  "How random," you think to yourself, "this is TOADally crazy!"

You go to Floor 38, full of cats "Look at all of these MERE cats!"

As you step back onto the elevator, you realize your thoughts are becoming punny.  

Floor 39 is full of foxes, and your thoughts turn to puns again - "Oh for FOX sake stop!" you think to yourself as you go back to the elevator.

Floor 40 is full of otters and you realize that eventually these floors will have to end.  Formulating a plan to yourself, you think "I gotta get OTTER-ere!

Angrily mumbling to yourself for the puns as you go, you enter the elevator headed for Floor 41.

Upon arrival on 41 you are met with a giant green blob with some Pendant on.  "I AM LORD BLOB, RULER OF FLOORS 37-41 AND MASTER OF PUNS.  HERE ME MORTAL I AM THE IMMORTAL BLOB NOTHING CAN CUT MY BLOBBYNESS AND NOTHING CAN DEFE-" swish The blade of the Overpowered-unnamed sword swishes through the air, cutting Mr. Blob in two.  "Lord Blob" fades into the ground through a sewer hole on the floor, one side going down the left drain and the other down the right drain and leaves behind his Pendant.  On the back is engraved "This is the Pendant of Puns, whoever wears this artifact will be the Master of all Puns and will have power over them.  The most powerful wielders of this artifact will be able to manipulate the minds and actions of others, in a punny way of course. Take it with you on your journey."

You take it into your hand and for some reason raise it into the air. You can hear a faint Zelda-like "Got an item theme" with the words "You got a weird item!" You put it on and head back to the elevator, satisfied your punny thoughts are at an end.
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The Hoff

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Floor 42 is dark. As in there is no light. It is so dark that you could not even locate the elevator.

You stand there, afraid, waiting for something to happen. Maybe a monster will show up.

Your hands feel light. It feels like you are not holding the sword.

You can not even scream.

Then you hear chanting.

"Swear on BD. Swear on BD. Swear on BD."

The chanting continues, as one candle lights up. Then another, and a third one, on the other side of the first. Something is being illuminated.

The chants intensify, with more voices reciting them at louder volumes, as more candles show up in the formation of a B, and then a D, next to eachother. 

Then one chandelier finally lights up an effigy of two  old  men. The chants fall silent.

One teenager approaches the effigy. He places a jar of a mysterious substance adjacent to the effigy. Afterwards, he gestures a motion, a command to come closer.

More teenagers step into the lights provided by the candles, assuming T-Poses and linking eachother in a circle surrounding the effigy. Everyone assumes a tense stance, close their eyes, and remain silent.

The instigator of the circle speaks.

"My lord, Bob Dawson, please accept the jar of semen collected from all of us as a gift for you to assist you in your efforts of spreading our great group outward. Now we must await for a message from you concerning the chosen one that shall arrive at our temple at any time soon. The Chosen One, the one individual who is destined to save our land from the thots, degenerates, and all other evils of the world. BD, come forth and speak for us. Prepare us for His arrival. Come. Come. Come."

The teenagers begin to chant "Come" repeatedly. The candles begin to change formation as the effigy lights up even more. The chants intensify when the candles finish reforming.

In a sudden moment, the room falls silent again. The effigy is consumed in the dark again. All that remains are the lights of the candles, spelling out a number.


You hear a ding.

The candles blow out, as a new source of light appears behind you. The elevator, with all its internal lights, shine upon you. The sword is within the elevator. You board it and prepare to go to Floor 43.

Off topic edit: I am going to list my favorite floors (aka floors that help set up a plot for the game) in the OP below everything else.
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05-16-2018, 07:12 AM -
Floor 43 has 4 walls.

The 1st collapses,
The 2nd falls to pieces,
The 3rd shatters where it was,
and finally the 4th wall is broken.

You can see the words "BlueFang24 is bad at rules... and reading..."

You blink and are back on the elevator, confused, and heading for Floor 44.
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