Infinity Tower (well fuck theres lore now)
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Floor 44 is some place in Spain.

A balcony overlooking a forest. There is a lady sitting on the fence.

Pushing her off will result in a loud vocal message from above:
"How dare you eliminate one of the Holy Ladies!"

She does not even seem to talk at all.

You re-enter the elevator perplexed.
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Floor 45 has a block of stone with a weird symbol inscribed on it. On the other side is a sort of picture, and you can pick out something that looks oddly familiar to the sword you hold among the items in it. You feel like confusion is a theme of this seemingly-endless tower because once again you are perplexed. What is this? Who made it? What does it do? You decide to take it with you to hopefully unravel its mystery.
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The floor of Floor 46 is wet and slippery. You notice a giant gaping hole from Floor 47... then from Floors 48 and 49. Through the holes, something is forming.

So you quickly go to Floor 47, where a giant worm is emerging from a newly formed portal on Floor 46.

Floor 48 appears to have been a swimming pool. Until something happened, maybe the worm was there before.

At Floor 49, the worm finally matures. You put the stone down, with the sword drawing facing the worm. The worm notices and pukes out another sword similar to yours, but with inverse colors.

You dual wield the swords, but this causes a giant explosion, which in the end results in no sword, but no worm. Unarmed, you go to floor 50. There is a giant note.

"The dark sword that you have now destroyed was required to slay the hostile elements in Floor 10. Heres another dark sword, do not destroy it."

You head down to floor 10, break open the door with the sword, and get ready to slash the -

"Have you heard of BD?"

Some of BD's disciples populate Floor 10. But then one of them notices the sword's strange color.


"No, I am the Chosen One!"

"If so, you must destroy or convert that sword immediately! Go to the temple! Make haste!"

Upon arrival to Floor 51, you find out that it is another impossibly dark floor. This time, the face from the effigy of Floor 42 appears.

"Hello. You are the Chosen One."

"Are you the BD the teenagers were praying to?"

"Yes indeed. However, you destroyed a holy artifact sacred to humanity. This light sword you have destroyed. Only my godly powers can create another light sword with much the same properties and power....

Wait, am I sensing the dark sword on you?"


The dark sword levitates towards the face of Bob Dawson. In a flash, the dark sword becomes light again.

"Have you been courted by the Thotimus Prime?"


"Only she can grant someone the Dark Sword. Anyone brandishing the Dark Sword is a heretic, a thot. No questions."

"Ok but who is the Thottimus Prime?"

"I will tell you more at the Temple. My high priests will inform you of the matter."

As in Floor 42, everything disappears then the elevator lights up again, now with the Light Sword waiting. You go to Floor 52.

ANOTHER EDIT: I updated Rule 2 so you can have up to ten floors (although people still gonna break this rule cuz those rules are more like guidelines)
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The elevator doors open to Floor 52.  It is elegant, white and gold surround you with a beautiful pattern on the walls.  An angelic "Aaaaaaah" is heard in the background.  

"Good you are here." BD says, "We have much to discuss.  Walk with me, will you?"

You arrive in a hallway, a large one, with blank walls.  BD motions for you to continue walking with him.

"In the beginning, there were thots and thot exterminators.  The thots overran the thot exterminators and ruled the land."  He motions to the wall where picture of the horror appear.  "The thots almost exterminated the exterminators!" he chuckled, "But I was able to stop them."

He pauses, and you break the silence "How?"

He hushes you, "Patience, more explanation is needed first.  You see, the thots will always rise, but a thot exterminator of great power will rise to meet them."  He motions farther down the wall of the hallway where depictions of epic battles appear. "Yet one time it was different.  Among the ranks of the thots rose a thot more powerful than any before them - Thotimus Prime. The thots had realized they would never win, not with what they were doing. So they improvised and created a Dark Power. This Power almost equals my own - and the thottiest thot was chosen to wield it." Behind you a depiction of the birth of Thotimus Prime shines.

"Thotimus Prime disrupted the balance. It slew hundreds of thousands of thot exterminators with its thotiness. The thot exterminator called upon me to restore balance and defeat Thotimus Prime, but the damage had been done. It took all of my power to restore balance, but Thotimus Prime was simply dispelled for a while. Now it has returned and I am still weak from the exertion so many years ago." he stops, and sighs.

"That is where you come in, Chosen One, chosen by me of course. With that Light Sword you can destroy Thotimus Prime for good."

"Then I'll do it now!" you shout.

"Not yet - you still have much to learn. Go through floors 53-55 to learn abilities - abilities you will need to destroy Thotimus Prime. I wish you well on your quest."

He waves his hand and closes his fist. In an instant you are back in the elevator with a note in your pocket. "Train this one --BD"
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The Hoff

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omfg bluefang he was not supposed to meet BD (Bob Dawson) again until floor 100

Floor 53 is the first trial: The Trial by Combat.

But wait, the "enemies" appear to be disciples of BD!

And the sword seems to be turning dark again. You flee into the elevator and board for Floors 54 and 55 to see what they are, but they are inaccessible for the time being.

As you elevate to Floor 56, a message appears on the elevator's walls.

"You were deceived. This "BD" you encountered was a phantom created by dark magic. The real BD can only be found at the Temple in Floor 100 at the latest. But for now, you have completed the Trial of Wit."
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(05-16-2018, 10:15 PM)The Hoff Wrote: omfg bluefang he was not supposed to meet BD (Bob Dawson) again until floor 100

heck i smart

Ascending to Floor 56, you are on guard expecting to be tricked again by the thots. You arrive, sword in hand, and look around. There are three pedestals, one to the left, one in front, and one to the right. The one to the left lights up.

"You have completed the Trial of Wit, Chosen One. Return once you have completed all three trails. But for now, the darkness in your sword will be dispelled."

With a bright flash of light you are back on the elevator. Your sword no longer appears to be turning dark, instead radiating a great light.
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The Hoff

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Floor 57 is another dark floor. You hear some atrocious pop song in the background.

Then several demonic-looking succubbuses dance around the floor, then create an effigy of a dark-colored woman, who barely looks human, using dark magic.

"For greatness, for the end of bigotry, for prosperity, arise! Arise, my goddess!"

A miraculous display is created using this dark magic alone, with a very energetic performance centered around the effigy. Then the performance slows to a halt and the floor darkens a bit, as one of the more tempting succubbuses approaches the effigy and offers a jar of pickled rick dicks as the gift.

"My goddess, we await for the Chosen One. He has immense potential second to only you, my goddess. However, he has yet to complete the trials to prove his usefulness and loyalty. But when he is with us, we are surely going to defeat the bigots and create a world that everyone can enjoy. Are you with me, sisters?"

Lots of cheering.

"He must come to our crib, and you must speak with him!"

The performance restarts, but at the end, a giant number is written with the dark magic.


Everything else disappears and the elevator opens and lights up, as is tradition.

Upon boarding the elevator, you notice that the sword has lost any trace of being light or dark. It is within in the middle, a dull green and grey color. On the hilt is a hole where something should be there.

Floor 58 is a giant library. On the librarian's desk is a book about the sword in question.

The Great Sword is a sword that only a prophet chosen by a god can wield. In its unactivated stage, it lacks any supernatural power, but is rather the average great-sword. However, it can be activated with the merging of the Sword with a stone given by a god. The kind of stone can dramatically change the sword's physical properties, from color to shape, and also offer different magical powers beyond any human comprehension. The Stone of Pilartius will transform the Great Sword into a reddish sword, with extremely combative powers, and the Stone of Dawson will transform it into a yellow sword with more supportive powers.
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I am fixing the continuity maybe idk

You decide to head back to Floor 52 to hopefully figure out what dark magic was used to create the fake "BD" and destroy it or repurpose it for your own use.

Upon arrival, the room that was once there is gone.  Now all that stands is a black room with a stone in the middle, inscribed with the letters "BD".  You deduct that this stone is the Stone of Dawson like described in the book in the library.  You quickly affix it to the opening of the sword and...


Nothing happens.

A fake then?  Where did it come from then?  

You go back to the library on Floor 58 to research. After quite a while of searching through titles you see a book, "Floor 52". You read through it, and learn about the Floor. Nicknamed "The Floor of Satisfaction", it is a Floor of the Infinite Tower that uses dark magic to make you see what you want to see. You wanted more explanation, so you got it. You want a Sword Stone so you got one.

Upon this realization the Stone fades from your hand, the Dark Magic no longer affecting you.
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You go to floor -4 and you instantly hear the earrape version of the USSR anthem.
It's a bedroom with the USSR flag on the walls.
Thank you for understanding why we did this and we hope to see all of you following the rules to keep this place a very safe environment.

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(05-05-2018, 12:11 PM)The Hoff Wrote: Floors 14-25 - Bluefang breaks Rule 2 back when it was "One floor at a time pls"
this still breaks the rules because the current rule is 10 but that was 11 floors lol (gotem) (xd)
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