Full Version: Map Making Guidelines
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Make a map for the server!
You can create a map in singleplayer/internet and then send us the .bls after you are finished.

Server Setup
Download the server's bricks here.
Server's colorset is Trueno's Original Colorset.
Events: VCE and setPlayerTransform. Do NOT use addItem

Update 4/19/17:
Download a Blockland installation specifically for Jailbreak here.
For more information view the announcement thread.

Do not waste your time building a map unless you are really good at it. If the map is not as good or better than the maps currently on the server it will not be accepted. I do not want to waste anyone's time so please be sure you are up to the task.

Map Guidelines
  • 20 cells, not more, not less.
  • One or two of the cells can have a secret exit. 
  • Do not hide or spawn weapons we'll do that. (You're welcome to indicate places that you'd like there to be a weapon though but don't spawn them!)
  • Spawns will be placed by us. (Just have a spot in each cell where one would fit. As well as a spot in the guard spawn room)
  • Games, the map has to have some games on it for people to play.
  • A pool with diving boards.
  • The map must have an exterior. You don't have to be able to go outside, but it must have windows that can see some terrain or something. (What I mean by this is that I don't want a large gray box for a prison that looks terrible.)
  • A cafeteria.
  • A guard spawn room that is close enough to the cells.
  • Guard spawn must have an area where we can spawn weapons.
  • Cells must have a bed and a toilet in it. (You can have other stuff but at least those)
  • The part of the cell door that opens must be called Cell_Door. (If your doors "slide" open like JB_Desert name the other part that you want to become visible when the other part becomes invisible Cell_Door2)
  • An area for cell open/close doors (We'll make the buttons but there needs to be a spot)
  • Try your best to not have a way to escape the actual build (Invisible bricks around, whatever.)
  • Healing room or area.
  • Please try to limit the brick count to 100,000 bricks
  • Use the brick naming convention of MAPNAME_BRICKNAME to avoid cross-map conflicts

I've made some fake Jailbreak events to aid you in your maps here
You should use these fake events so they are loaded on Jailbreak. I highly recommend using the input events if you don't want a certain team using the buttons.

Events - Inputs
onActivateGuard - Guards/Warden can only activate the brick
onActivateWarden - Warden can only activate the brick
onActivatePrisoner - Prisoners can only activate the brick

Events - Player
log - String -> Example: "activated falling tiles" -- This just puts stuff in the logging, makes it easier for us to find out who activates what
        + Use this on cell doors, games, etc.
SetInHoloDeck - Bool (true/false)
        + Only use this event if you plant to make a holodeck. This is an advanced event using zones, please only use this if you know what you are doing.

Events - Brick
setPrisonerOutfits - list: normal, split
        + Simply splits the prisoners into 2 teams, or unsplits them.
triggerEnterZone - For holodeck events (1 or 0)
        + Only use this event if you plant to make a holodeck. This is an advanced event using zones, please only use this if you know what you are doing.
activateBrick - Simply calls onActivate based on who is processing the event (such as doing onPlayerTouch)
setPlayerCollision - Bool (true/false)
        + Force sets player collision, I recommend having this activated with onActivateGuard or onActivateWarden
(01-26-2017, 08:35 PM)Visolator Wrote: [ -> ]
  • Please try to limit the brick count to 100,000 bricks

does that mean i HAVE to keep it under 100,000 bricks or is the max higher?
It's a guideline since we don't want people with low-end computers experiencing poor framerates. Manoyama is around 110,000 bricks.
thanks ost for making my post pretty <3
(06-17-2017, 02:29 AM)Visolator Wrote: [ -> ]thanks ost for making my post pretty <3

np but that was 2 months ago lol